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I haven’t been involved in Free Flow Fridays in a long time. Life does get busy but sometimes I just didn’t feel like being involved this way. I think that’s OK. This one minute writing exercise is helpful if only you will allow it to help you. Today it remined me of the place in which I am coming from, learning from and growing from. I was so broken that all I knew how to do was hurt those around me. But you see I am not that person anymore thanks be to God. I no longer sit at a place of being ashamed, or feeling guilty, or not even liking myself. You see Jesus has forgiven me and I have finally chosen to walk in His forgivenes. It has been a struggle but I am at a better place because of it. Here is what I wrote in the 1 minute time that was given.

In this life we all get tattered. Things happen in our life sometimes that is beyond our own control and some things are just consequences of actions that we have taken. Either way we are tattered, bruised, a little troubled but at the same time we can find healing. The pages of our tattered stories need to be shared so that we can receive the healing that is needed. Our minds may be tattered, our soul tattered, our bodies tattered but I know a man that will take your tattered life and make it new. Will He remove that tattered scars from your life maybe. This newness I speak of is not wiping what you have been through away but allowing you to get to a place where what you have been through no longer dictates your life. He gives you peace in the situation even though the situation is chaotic. You see this tattered life is not my own but His to carry. Because He has taken my tattered life I am new in Him. I am loved regardless of how tattered I may be. It does not make me any less of a person. For in Him there is beauty within my tattered soul. For in Him there is hope for my hopelessness. For in Him there is love unconditional. You see this tattered soul can open up and be free to share her tattered story and know that I have freedom in Him. 

You see having a tattered life should never dictate who you are. Its what you do with your tattered life that makes all the difference. You were meant to soar.

Faith, Life

Create the Space

As I dropped my daughter off to volleyball this morning I decided to take a walk first down by Morningside Park instead of sitting inside Tim Horton’s. As I was walking along the trail I was reminded once again to “Create the Space”.


Let me give you the story on that.

On Saturday, July 23 I decided to take a walk down by the Frenchman’s Bay area. Walking is something that I have been enjoying for about 3 weeks now. It helps me to clear my head and also give me time in the presence of the Lord. Sometimes I walk with my husband as well.

But this particular morning I was walking early because I had made plans to meet up with a girlfriend for brunch. Before I left my house I did my devotion which proved to be interesting. As I was reading Jeremiah 36 the word “Write” popped out at me. I didn’t think it strange because I knew that it was something that I should be doing, but wasn’t really doing. What really got me is when I read the word “Write” 5 more times. “Oh boy” I thought and off on my walk I went.

There is something wonderful about nature that I love. It’s the smell and beautiful colours of the flowers, the birds, squirrels they all just seem so happy. The sounds are breath taking. If you listen closely you can hear the wind as it passes by the trees.

I wanted to go down by the water for I love to hear the sounds. On that day I didn’t make it down to the water. As I got closer down by the bay area I began to veer off to walk this path and charter on new territory. In a still small voice I heard “Create the Space”. I hadn’t gone on this path because it didn’t have a paved pathway and to add to that it was surrounded by a lot of big trees and tall grass. I was thinking what if something jumped out at me; so glad it was morning and the sun was shining every so brightly. As I walked I continued to hear “Create the Space”. Which instantly brought me back to my devotion early that morning. Which then brought me to the little area in my room where I had put a desk, chair and computer. As I get to the middle of this graveled path the sun was very present. The trees were no longer as high and you could see the branches and the many birds perched.  As I walked into this space the voice that I heard became very clear as He spoke “Create the Space” the birds in sync flew up in the air singing, the wind blew and I could hear and feel it on my skin. I knew instantly what I was being told. I got a vision of the space that I was supposed to create. I stood there in this space and was in awe of the God that I serve. Tears began flowing down my face.

Create the Space


The space that you must create will help you to begin the process of writing. Feel free to use the outdoor space that was created to begin this process. No matter the space that you choose to create you will write in it.

My Space today.