These Four Walls (New)


These four walls once held me bound. Kept me chained in like a bird in a cage. But these days, I’m a bird who is free. These four walls won’t keep me in because it’s not bigger than me. I will not look to myself for the resolution but the Giver of Life. My focus is no longer the walls but that which is higher than me. I will no longer allow pain, fear, hurt or hang-ups to hold me bound within these four walls. It won’t be easy but I will not bang my head against these walls and expect change. I have a choice and so do you. Choose to see and live beyond these walls.

If you’re still bound by these four walls; stop and take a listen. Listen for the sounds on the outside, listen to your beating heart and listen to the voice that speaks so softly to you and once again choose to see the beauty that these four walls can bring.

Whatever these four walls may represent for you it doesn’t have to be negative or destructive. These same walls that have held you down and back can be the walls which set you on a different path; where there once was bitterness there can be forgiveness. For sadness, it can be replaced with joy. If there was once chaos, you can have peace. You see these walls have helped me to see myself and the much-needed transformation that has begun. These four walls once held me bound, but now I am free.


Even when they left the land of Egypt they still murmured and complained everyday, even though God was providing them food on a daily basis. A journey that should have taken a couple of days took them 40 years. Why would God allow this to happen? What was He trying to accomplish?  Although they were no longer in bondage (physical) they were still enslaved in their mind. God wanted them to have a new mindset.

God wants us to be free in our mind. He came so that the captives could be set free.

It was in Eve’s mind that the enemy held her captive. She was faced with an another option. At least that is what she believed in her mind. The picture that the enemy painted made it seem like his option was better than the one that was given to her by God. For years I was like Eve and I allowed the enemy to control my mind believing the lies that he told me. As I am being transformed I don’t believe those lies anymore. I am no longer bound in my mind. I am able to celebrate this freedom which Christ gives.

Let us not be deceived in our minds so that we make the wrong choices. If we allow the enemy to control our mind (thoughts) those actions follow. It is the same way as if we allow Christ to dwell in our minds it is his actions that we follow. Keep his word close for at any given time it is His word that you are going to need and call upon.

Lord I have hidden your word in my heart that I will not sin against you. It is His desire that we have his mindset.