Faith, Life

Puzzle Pieces

Your life is like a puzzle and I have all the pieces. I will show you the big picture when I know that you can handle it. Until then I will give you one piece at time. With the pieces that are given to you you can start to put them together and begin to see the whole puzzle more clearly. Each situation or struggle is another piece of the puzzle. These struggles come to make you strong and build up your character. Allow your heart to become more like mine.

As your heart becomes more like mine, another piece of the puzzle will be given to you. If you could handle more pieces I would give them to you. Don’t be consumed by what is happening around you. Focus on me. I will bring about the change I want to see in you.
I know what is best for you.
Each circumstance that is brought to you if you allow it, will change you. Keep your hope in me. I am building character in you. When you rely on me you are strongest. When you are not focused on me you overreact to the situations that are thrown at you. Keep your eyes on me and I will gladly prepare you for each situation that comes to you.
Remember I concurred the world. I am with you threw all things and Yes even when you go through rough patches. Begin to see the pieces fit together. All those in your life are a part of the puzzle. If a piece does not fit try it somewhere else. The pieces you have already go somewhere. You are on the right path doing what you are suppose to do. The lesson is to be learned, grow in my grace for another piece awaits you.


Faith, Life

His Word

We need to soak in His Word, grab hold of it and never let it go. Read and meditate on His Word so that we gain understanding.  His Word must be understood so that it can be applied to our every day life.

His Word can give us peace in the midst of chaos. Joy in the face of pain. Love in the place of hate and give us rest for our weary soul.
His Word changes lives. Gives strength to the weak. Our Heavenly Father helps us so we can help others. There is strength in numbers. When two or three are gathered in His name you will find Him in the midst. His Word is life and gives life.

Be encouraged for His Word is with us always just like His presence.

Change is inevitable. It happens whether slow or fast. We need to embrace all that is happening in the hear and now. In the end it will all be worth it just continue to soak in His Word.