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I haven’t been involved in Free Flow Fridays in a long time. Life does get busy but sometimes I just didn’t feel like being involved this way. I think that’s OK. This one minute writing exercise is helpful if only you will allow it to help you. Today it remined me of the place in which I am coming from, learning from and growing from. I was so broken that all I knew how to do was hurt those around me. But you see I am not that person anymore thanks be to God. I no longer sit at a place of being ashamed, or feeling guilty, or not even liking myself. You see Jesus has forgiven me and I have finally chosen to walk in His forgivenes. It has been a struggle but I am at a better place because of it. Here is what I wrote in the 1 minute time that was given.

In this life we all get tattered. Things happen in our life sometimes that is beyond our own control and some things are just consequences of actions that we have taken. Either way we are tattered, bruised, a little troubled but at the same time we can find healing. The pages of our tattered stories need to be shared so that we can receive the healing that is needed. Our minds may be tattered, our soul tattered, our bodies tattered but I know a man that will take your tattered life and make it new. Will He remove that tattered scars from your life maybe. This newness I speak of is not wiping what you have been through away but allowing you to get to a place where what you have been through no longer dictates your life. He gives you peace in the situation even though the situation is chaotic. You see this tattered life is not my own but His to carry. Because He has taken my tattered life I am new in Him. I am loved regardless of how tattered I may be. It does not make me any less of a person. For in Him there is beauty within my tattered soul. For in Him there is hope for my hopelessness. For in Him there is love unconditional. You see this tattered soul can open up and be free to share her tattered story and know that I have freedom in Him. 

You see having a tattered life should never dictate who you are. Its what you do with your tattered life that makes all the difference. You were meant to soar.

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You’re Invited – The Invitation

The Invitation

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“Gather and Group”

I’ve been involved in a life-group for more than 2 years now.  In the beginning it was hard. I didn’t know the people. To be honest, I found being around new people quite intimidating. Having major trust issues. For most of the first year I was very guarded. I was afraid of being hurt and known.

Towards the end of year one is when I began to open up more. So within year two I was learning much more about myself within this group settting. I was able to do do this because my life-group members were very transparent, which was refreshing to me. They showed me that being yourself was just ok. There was no need for pretense.  They showed me no judgement, and because of their love and acceptance I was able to open up even more. I was becoming  a new person. I was being changed because of my groups openness, honesty, trust and transparency.
Within that second year I found myself wanting more. More of the community and love that they had shown me within the first year.  I wanted to be a part of their life and share in the joys and pains that they experienced. I wasn’t sure how this would be done but this was where I wanted to do.

One day I saw a blog post called “Row Out Wednesdays”. That is when I decided to become more intentional with my relationships within and outside of this group. It meant that I would have reach out. It meant that I would allow myself to be more vulnerable. It meant that the level of intimacy would have to be deeper. It meant that I would have to trust Jesus more than I ever have before.
This is what Jesus wants for us. To want to know him more and have a deeper relationship with Him. We thrive better within community than on our own. Our community can be a church group, family, friends or a group where you share the share the same likings with someone.

I know this will not be easy for me but I look forward to connecting with my life-group and others on a different level.

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Flashback To:

College 2006-2008

This Letter.

Its funny that I stumbled upon these letters today. A friend (Duztyn Leonard) mentioned to me just yesterday that he still had the letter that I wrote him, then today I find these.  I thought it fitting to share them. All written to me by my Human Services Counselling Class towards the end of my first year. Enjoy..

“You have opened up so much in class and I am so glad i got to learn more about you and your past…. ” -Tiana

“Lesa, you are the epitome of strength, beauty, and courage. By hearing your story…it given me hope….. My wish for you: stay strong, shine on.” -Dawn

“I am so happy I know you better; you’re a wonderful person….. I remember when we were done taping our interview for interviewing and counselling, you told me that your story was once true….. I never told you this before, but that I meant a lot to me….” -Laura Hale

“It was wicked chillin with you. You constantly make me smile.” -Kristal

“I feel comfortable around you. I feel this way because you do not judge and you are an amazing person to be around. I am grateful that you shared it helped and touched me. I hope one day I can be as strong as you are.” -Paula

“Thanks for making this class enjoyable! You always put a smile on my face with your input in our discussions. Thanks for the many laughs” -Alex

“I like the way you are comfortable in your faith. the way your family is huge part of who you are.” -Clive

“Your personality, and the strength that you have are amazing… I am inspired by your courage and by your ability to overcome the things that you have been through…..” -Kim

“I will remember how if you were ever uncomfortable sharing something you would just say, which made me feel like I was not the only one not sharing personal information.” -Vanessa

“I am happy to had the opportunity to get to know you. I feel there was a lot of valuable memories and experiences shared…” -Stacey

“It is your uniqueness that gives freshness and vitality to a relationship. What you think about yourself is much more important than what others think of you. You have a gift that only you can give the world…” – Anthony


“I will always remember your remarkable courage.” -Ryan

“One feeling I get about you is that you are happy person. You always have a smile on your face despite what you’ve gone through. Keep it up!” -Christine

“My memory of you would have to be “I DON’T PLAY GAMES!” So funny your straight to the point. Also your laugh I will remember that too.” -Jennifer

“I always felt inspired and appreciated in your company…My wish for you is that you find a career path that will compliment your strengths and commitment. I hope your energy and intuition will continue to put you in the company of those who need a model of courage, light and humour to guide them out of the dark.” -Nancy

I believe I stumbled upon these letter at the right time. By reading this I am reminded that when you are yourself you have nothing to fear. Although I started then my journey continues and there are many more lives to inspire. I will no longer be busy with others things but that which I started this blog to do.

Wherever you go and whatever you do make an impact. Impart into the lives of those that are brought into your life whether for a season, or a lifetime.