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Been a While

Good Day,

I havent posted in a while. I have been sick. I have been reading post and commenting. Some days I wasn’t even able to read.

I have been having stomach issues for a long time now. I finally decided to go to the doctor for I couldn take the burning sensation in my stomach any longer. It has been off and on for a couple of months now. Usually it would be one day here and then a couple days there. I would adjust some things in my diet and feel better. There figuring that I was alright. Im the kind of person where the doctor is my last resort. I don’t like taking antiobotics or pills for that matter.  This time was diffferent. The constant buring wasnt going away. After the second day I decided to visit the doctor. My Dr. knows that I only go and see her when I can’t handle things on my own. Its like being in a relationship with Jesus. He wants us to come to Him for everything. I am learning to lean on Him more for everthing and not just the big things.

I have had a lot of stomach/abdomen issues throughout my life.  Last year I had H-Pylori (another stomach thing).  I was on some heavy antibiotics for a week. It wasnt a pretty thing.  Laid up in my bed not able to do much. I am learning that when you are on antibiotics that you should be taking extra probitotics to protect the lining of your stomach. I wish I knew this growing up, taking antiobiotics like it was some good food. So now I believe that my stomach is all messed up.

Back to the Dr. now, she does some listening, poking and proding and asking questions. She knows me and how I feel in regards to drugs. I would prefer a natural remedy than taking a drug. Needless to say she gives me a script for Dexilant 60mg and says you need to see a GI specialist, this time I agree with her.
So that’s where I’m at. Waiting for my appointment to see the GI specialist. I won’t be anxious because I know my Father has me in His hands. There is nothing that He will not see me thru.
I have been taking my pills for 4 days now. It’s up and down but grateful that I am not getting any worse.