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Provision for Haiti 

20161123_081012.jpgSo on November 14, I went to Haiti for 12 days. I was beside myself in how all of this came about. Way back in July it was just an idea, a thought that I was not willing to entertain.  It all started with a walk in the atrium at The Bridge a church in Markham. They were holding information booths after each service of all the different areas in which you could volunteer in. As I walked by the missions table something spoke to me, but I was not willing to stop or even take heed. You see I had already made up in my mind that I didn’t want to go on a missions trip to Haiti. I didn’t want to seem disobedient so I told myself that I would seek God in prayer to determine if this is what He really wanted for me. On the inside I was really hoping to hear a “No”, but of course I got the opposite answer. About a week or so into my seeking I started some questions. I got introduced to someone who had gone to Haiti previously. At this point I still couldn’t admit to myself or others that I was going to Haiti. I still had not fully accepted what I heard and would still say that it was something that I was praying  about.

One day while I was speaking to someone about the possibility of taking a trip this word was gently spoken to me “I have already given you the answer.” You see the response was still something that I didn’t want to hear. It was way to far out of my comfort zone but there was still this peace in the response that I heard. It wasn’t until then that I proceeded to tell the Lord Yes.  You see with the Yes came but Lord  I can’t go on this trip because I can not afford it. You know what He said? He said that all I had to do was ‘Just ask’. I thought to myself there is absolutely NO way I could ask anybody for money  or even to help. What I would do is figure things out on my own. I was always used to finding my own way. I began to think of ways in which I could come up with the money that I needed. I didn’t really trust in the Lord to provide for me. I did not think that this time would be any different. You see this time would for sure be different the Lord was asking me to trust in Him so that I could see Him provide for me.  I desperately wanted this but didn’t know how to go about it. In the past I would ask Him to provide and then proceed to work it out on my own.  I knew that would not be the case this time. Once again being pulled out of my comfort zone. I took the plunge and asked for help. The response was mind-blowing. I didn’t always get a yes and that was alright. This experience has proven to be most humbling for me. I can now see why He wanted me to ask. Months before…… He brought me to Haiti and now He was showing me the way that He would provide for me and believe me that’s just what He did.  The first response blew me away. It wasn’t always easy asking but knew it’s what I had to do. Another form of asking I did was start a GoFundMe page.  I also sent out text and emails to family members and friends. I even went as far as posting on social media as well. Sometimes I would begin to worry or try to figure out a way myself and then was quickly reminded that it was Him that would be providing. There was NO need to figure this one out. You see that is what I was use to. Asking God for help and then not giving Him a chance. I would lay it down before Him and then pick it back up again. He was showing me a better way. It was about me seeing Him work in my life in this area. Soon I was not only praying for provision but for the hearts of those that would be willing to support me on this journey. Needless to say God worked it out that my trip was paid for. I am beside myself. My trust in Him is strengthened because of this.

I am so glad that I went on this trip and I look forward to sharing the experience that I had and how God moved while I were there.


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Looking Back


I will admit that sometimes prompts help me get out of a writing funk. This prompt was from back in July but thought I would give it a shot. I have enjoyed following Free Flow Friday

As we move forward in life it is always good to pause to take a look at where we are coming from. Looking back should be a part of our everyday life. It’s in the looking back that we remember just how far we have come and to where it is we would like to go. Looking back enables us to reconsider the steps we have taken and the steps that we need to take. Sometimes we spend way to much time looking back to the point that it becomes a stumbling block to us and our future. You see we can never gain that which we have lost in looking back. It is only by moving forward can we find the hope that we need to move into the future. So if you find yourself stuck in looking back remember that you are not the same person you use to be back then and you probably wont be the same person that you are today in the future. Our life is made up of the past, the present and the future. If we learn to live in the present we can enjoy both our past and the upcoming future. So when we are looking back lets make sure that it is just to visit and not to take up residence.