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Just Finish

As I watched the video of the Olympic runner Derek Desmond’s race in the 1992 Barcelona games I was reminded to “Just Finish.” You see I’ve started so many things and never really finished them. My father reminded me that writing is something that I need to finish. It may be hard but I must give it my all to make it through to the finish line.

You see Derek Desmond pulled his hamstring during the race. Even though he was down he was able to muster up the strength to rise again and continue to run his race. He must have been in terrible agony but that didn’t stop him. When he thought he couldn’t go anymore his father jumped right in to help his son to the finish line. It didn’t matter what the bystanders and the naysayers were saying to both Derek and his father it didn’t make them stop. They kept going until they both crossed the finish line.

This may be true for some of us in this stage of our lives. You may be down but you are not out. You can get up again amidst the self-doubt, amidst the fear and the naysayers and finish your race. For you see this time you shall finish. Don`t look to the left or the right. Just stay focused on what is ahead. Your Father will come along side of you and take you to the end.  He`s on your side. You will finish.

Trust your Father’s plan for your life. “Just Finish.”

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