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Feeling Unsure

Sometimes I just ‘feel’ unsure. I want to do this but I just can’t.  It’s almost like I am afraid of myself and the potential that is within me. I start- then I stop, then I begin all over again. Sometimes there is just a pause. This could be one of those times. I make some head way and then…. that’s just it and then nothing. To write or not to write is the question. So much written and still yet so much more to write. Sometimes it feels as if my mind could explode. Just begin the process, just start, easier said than done. Let me just get myself together gain some composure and then start again maybe this time I will get it write. Truth be told I won’t stop until I do. In a couple of weeks I will come at this hard. Just wait for it. Unsure or not I must seize the divine moments that are before me taking one step at a time.

7 thoughts on “Feeling Unsure”

  1. Sister Lesa Rose I feel your pain this is something I suffer from at times…It’s like a massive load of fear and feelings of unworthiness really that I hadn’t dealt with but I am declaring under the power of The Holy Ghost that all stumbling blocks of the mind and soul are released off of you and me that prohibits completion in the mighty name of Jesus and may God fuel us both up to do the work that he will have us do in the mighty name of Jesus I pray and by faith it is so… I look forward to reading your books sis


    1. Yes. I am learning that feelings are just that feelings. They come and go. I am no longer living based on how I feel. That piece was just that I feeling. I do look forward to writing more. It’s something that is in me and I know it’s from God. Thank you for your comment. It means a lot more like confirmation.

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