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Oh My Aching Foot

Have you ever stubbed your toe? Well of course you have who hasn’t. Well that’s just what I did yesterday. Walking👣 in my daughter’s room to deposit something and bang goes my left foot on the edge of her bed. Now don’t get me wrong I am not blind, but who needs to turn the light on when you know the placement of all the furniture. Silly me tricks are not for adults. Of course I couldn’t scream, my daughter is sleeping😴. So I quickly cover my mouth and hobble out of her room. At that point I wanted to cry.😭

Man did it hurt. Then it starts throbbing. So I do the usual thing crab some ice and put my foot up. This should do the trick. Did I say that at this point I am not able to put on pressure on my foot. I believe by morning🌅 all should be well.

So I wake up this morning bright and early ready to get my day started put my foot down and dang it still hurts. So I hobble along about my day. I’ve got a couple hours to rest, elevate and ice, for I don’t start work until noon🕛. Yes I went to work knowing very well I could barely walk.
Fast forward to 5pm when I am sitting in the doctors office. It’s a walk-in-clinic so I wait for about an hour. So glad I brought a book to read. Between reading and watching 2 boys running in circles the time flew by. The mom looked a little embarrassed. I told her no worries but she high tailed out of there. That’s what kids do they have fun.

I finally make it in to see the doctor and he does his poking and squeezing and says my toes are fine. The swelling is located around my metatarsal. He gives me a requisition for an x-ray and says to stay off my foot as much as possible. LOL. Yes, this is funny. I work with elementary kids so most of the time I am on my feet. He says “I can only give you advice”. I smile ☺. Upon leaving he tells me to take the least amount of steps to the x-ray clinic. Thank goodness it is only across the street. So I hop in the elevator. Walk to my car and drive literally 3 secs and park closer to the x-ray building. Get my x-ray done and come home. My foot is aching now, throbbing like never before. I am trying desperately not to do too much moving. It’s not working. I decide best thing to do is go to my room. Ice some more.

Now I wait for x-ray results. Doc says I should call in the morning.

My body seems as if it’s falling to pieces, even in this I hold fast to my Saviours unchanging hand. I do not ask Why but What? My journey continues.

6 thoughts on “Oh My Aching Foot”

  1. Perhaps God was arranging it so that you can have a reason to try and rest a bit more. (Painfully, I had to have a foot surgery once, and was forced to rest because of it…it was very hard.) I know when you have little kids it is hard for Mom to have a valid reason to rest! I hope that it is all better now, but that it allowed you to get a break!


  2. I’ve been there and no exactly how it feels. There are times when I thought for sure it was broken but to my surprise, it wasn’t. I, too, work with kids all day. Preschool, Headstart and childcare are what fills my days. Hope you’re feeling better soon!😃

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