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What’s For Lunch

I hope today finds many of you well and in good spirits.
I continue to have issues with my stomach. I have suffered with somach/abdomen issues for almost 20 years now. Diagnosed with IBS (Irritable Bowl Syndrome) in my late teens. Which wasn’t the case.

Anyhoo I am doing what the Doc ordered but I’ve  decided to change my diet as well.

I am cutting out lactose (small sensitivity), I am also taking much of the unhelathy packaged products out of my diet some of them will be replaced with gluten free items. Yah I have a sensitivity to that as well, which I learned later in life. No more tomatoes. I’m keeping my eye on products that contain tomatoes as well. Crying some real tears for I just love ketchup. I was never a bread girl so not having that won’t bother me. Is this all too much at one time? Not right now. It’s all about my physical health. Our body is refered to as our temple. We are to take care of our temple by feeding it the proper foods, exercising and getting good sleep. I have been taking care of my spiritual body by feeding on the word of God, praying and worshiping. I am taking care of my mind and emotions by mediating on the word and  practising mindfulness. So why is it that I am choosing to ignore my temple?  I’m tired of putting crap in and expecting a good result. So going forward I will watch what I put in this body. Will keep you posted on how I’m doing. Cheers


10 thoughts on “What’s For Lunch”

  1. Hello, thanks for sharing your story! How is your stomach now? Do you think it’s lactose intolerance? I’ve battled stomach issues for months and after doctor appointments and tests, nothing came up. I learned that whenever I drank milk or ate cheese or butter, it would start. Once I cut these products out if my diet, I seemed to get better. It’s difficult, though because I am a big cheese lover and missing it like crazy! I hope you are feeling better!😎


    1. My stomach is doing a lot better. I still have some acid reflux heartburn from time to time. I have taken milk, cheese bread out of my diet. I see a specialist in September.

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  2. It’s great to see you have a plan for your physical health, and even better that you are maintaining a healthy spiritual diet. We all need encouragement every so often to continue nurturing the inner spiritual life. One day I’ll finish my book on that very subject. ☺ Blessing!

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  3. Praying for you! You can do all things through Christ…just hard making changes in our busy lives and giving up the things we’ve liked for many years🙁
    But you will feel better 🙂👍🏻 there’s a trade out ! 🙏🏻🎈 Hang in there!

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  4. Bless your heart with those intestinal issues. I’m thankful that isn’t on my list of ailments. Of course, as a T1D I need to avoid sugar as much as possible, but a little can be managed with insulin at least. I’ve had to give up dairy too because it makes my sinuses a train wreck! Milk turns to glue by the time it gets to my tonsils. Blech! I admire you making so many changes at once, but I realize that when your body is rebelling, you get serious enough to do some drastic things! Blessings in this endeavor & thanks for stopping by my blog!

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