Faith, Life

Don’t Give Up

Dont give up or give in for you don’t know when your break through will come.

Keep pressing in and on. At the right time the Lord will show up and give you insight and inspiration.

He will provide you with relief and restore you. At the right time he will bring about the desired change that will propel you from one stage to the next in Him.

Trust his timing. Although it may seem like he is leaving you out to dry, he is standing along side of you. Waiting for the right time to show Himself to you. It may not seem right to you but His time is always perfect.

Don’t stop praying, don’t stop seeking, don’t stop asking, don’t stop listening. For He will reveal Himself to you and give you a response. Weeping may endure for a night but joy will surely come in the morning. Make no mistake He takes care of His own and you are His.

Dont give up on yourself for He hasn’t given up on you nor will He ever.

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