Spring Time




Just another rainy day.



I am so grateful that I live in a country that has various seasons; Winter, Summer, Fall and Spring.
I just love everything about Spring. The snow begins to melt, the grass turns from brown to green. You can start to see the buds on the trees from winters slumber. Flowers are making there appearance. You see the hues of yellow in the daffodils. The tulips are coming up as well. All these colors are so vibrant.
In the morning you can hear the birds singing ever so loudly. The squirrels are scurrying, enjoying this new warmth that is coming. All other animals coming out of hibernation. There are many rain falls which brings a new fresh smell to the air.

This is one of my favourite seasons.
Spring for me means I come out of hibernating. I am more receptive to things happening around and in me. The old begins to shed light on the new that is coming; which gives me a new pep in my step. I come alive again. So much to look forward too. For in a flash it will be summer and everything will be in full bloom.

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