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Do You Want to Be Found

Are you hiding? from yourself OR maybe from someone?
Are you the same around everyone? Are you trying to fit in with the crowd or just get lost in it? Do they really know who you are faults and all?  Have the masked been stripped away? What will it take for you to come out of hiding? What issues are waiting to be confronted? Will the prize be great enough? Will there be a prize at all?
There is One who is pursues you. He knows who you are. He will continue to chase after. He knows your flaws and doesn’t care. He will take you as you are. God will continue to pursue you until you are ready. He won’t force you out of hiding because that is not His nature. He waits patiently for you to come to your senses and allow Him to find you. For in his presence there is fullness of joy.
What will it take for you to be found? Don’t wait to long your life depends on it.?   It is time to come out hiding.
Written February 10, 2015