Faith, Life


I feel like a battle has been raging. Feeling drained both physically and emotionally. Getting to bed and waking up is difficult. Feels like I’m being tugged in every direction emotionally. The peace that I long for can’t seem to be found at home or even work.

Lord I need you. I’m not able to write, I find communicating even harder right now.  Parts of me would love to just run and hide, but I know that’s not the answer. So I wait. Maybe its alone time that I need. Time with the Lord so he can put things into perspective. Praying is even hard. It seems as if I am just watching myself and nothing is being done. Help me Lord.  I feel lost, stranded. Don’t leave me here.  Lord come and rescue me for if you don’t I will die right here. Save me from all these attacks. Save me from the turmoil that rages within my soul. Rescue me from myself so that your Spirit may reign in me and I will no longer fight with this body of flesh. It deceives me. Lord you are my strength my strong tower, on you I can depend. So I will wait until I’m able to mount up with wings like an eagle and soar. That is what I will do. I will wait upon the Lord for this too shall past. This test like the others shall change me and build character . All Me for Him.