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Truth Be Told or Not

Why do we find it so hard to tell the truth?

Is it because it will cause hurt to someone or even yourself? Maybe its just unnatural or hard. There is also the fear factor of being rejected or others viewing us in a different light?. Who could manage a tarnished image? Whatever the reason we choose to lie or just omit the truth.

When we don’t speak the truth it is causes damage to our relationships. We are hurting ourselves and others by not speaking the truth. We may think we are preventing hurt by not speaking the truth but we are only making it worse. Without trust our relationships can not flourish. It can only be stifled until it is cut off, which in itself is death.

At what cost do we continue to omit the truth? How long will we continue to lie to ourselves and others? What environment will cause us to be honest with ourselves and others. When we are able to do this then there will be healing. Our heavenly father wants to heal us from the inside out. Being transparent is healthy. He was transparent with us and that is what he requires of us.

What is causing you from not being healthy? What mask are you wearing? What clothes do you need to shed in order to be your true self? It is when you are able to speak the truth in light of His word that healing will begin and relationships will flourish. Let the truth touch your heart and change you forever.

Written 4/4/15

Faith, Life


Even when they left the land of Egypt they still murmured and complained everyday, even though God was providing them food on a daily basis. A journey that should have taken a couple of days took them 40 years. Why would God allow this to happen? What was He trying to accomplish?  Although they were no longer in bondage (physical) they were still enslaved in their mind. God wanted them to have a new mindset.

God wants us to be free in our mind. He came so that the captives could be set free.

It was in Eve’s mind that the enemy held her captive. She was faced with an another option. At least that is what she believed in her mind. The picture that the enemy painted made it seem like his option was better than the one that was given to her by God. For years I was like Eve and I allowed the enemy to control my mind believing the lies that he told me. As I am being transformed I don’t believe those lies anymore. I am no longer bound in my mind. I am able to celebrate this freedom which Christ gives.

Let us not be deceived in our minds so that we make the wrong choices. If we allow the enemy to control our mind (thoughts) those actions follow. It is the same way as if we allow Christ to dwell in our minds it is his actions that we follow. Keep his word close for at any given time it is His word that you are going to need and call upon.

Lord I have hidden your word in my heart that I will not sin against you. It is His desire that we have his mindset.