Faith, Life

Being Stretched

Come out of hiding. I promised you that I would do things in you. When you feel like you’re being drawn back in that’s when I am getting you ready to move. Take solace in my care for you.

I have placed you with people that will help you to grow, so that you can begin to do things in My Name. These people will help to pull things out of you that I have planted.  My kingdom waits for you to make these moves. Trust me to strengthen you. Be brave and courageous. Just begin to put one foot in front of the other and I will make the rest happen.  This is the year of change. I have given you wings and now you must fly. Just like the eagle was meant to soar so shall you. Don’t hide in the background. That is not your place. Trust me my child. I know what is best for you. I love you forever.

There is no perfect timing, just my timing.

I Am with you always. You are being stretched.



Written January 21, 2016

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