Faith, Life

The Journey

Whatever journey you are on, you need to trust God to lead. You are incapable of making decisions that would have the desired outcome that God would have for you. He knows what is best for you and if you allow Him He will guide you in a direction that’s for you.
Who else do you know that loves you unconditionally? Who pursues you and wants to have a intimate relationship with you? Who wants his spirit to dwell in you? Who wants you close to Him. Who do you know that wants that for you?
You may struggle with a lot of things but God wants you to bring those things to Him. He will not judge. What He will do is take you, hold you, love you and care for you more. The more you allow God to pour into you is the closer that you will become to Him. Once you are bathing in Him your journey will get better.
Will you still have trouble? Of course but your response will be so much different. That’s when you know He is leading you.
Enjoy the journey that is before you.
Written January 31

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