Faith, Life

Just Follow Me

He came upon some men fishing and he said “follow me” and they dropped what they were doing and followed him.
What is the one requirement to this walk that we are on? Just “follow me.” That’s all we are required to do. You are not asked to change yourself so that you can follow Him. All that is required is that you “follow me”. Can you drop what you are doing? Thinking? Saying? Contemplating? and just “follow Him?” He didn’t ask that you follow your friends, your family, your pastors, or your mentors but just Him. He alone leads, guides, and directs you into all that He has to offer. Seek him first and everything else will follow. When you follow Him he does the changing, he does the rearranging so that you are more like who He created you to be originally. Isn’t that amazing. You are not required to DO anything but just “follow Him.” Let’s take the example that was given to us and just “follow Him.”


Written January 22

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