Have you ever been hurt or felt hurt?

I believe that at some point in our lives we have been hurt by someone or something. The question is what do you do when you get hurt? For me it was easy to put up walls. I used these walls to protect myself from others. The scars are deep, so the walls are high. If you  tried to get close I wouldn’t allow it. I just pushed people away. That’s how I lived most of my life. What I hadn’t realized is that these walls that I had erected because of past hurts were hurting me, hindering me and hurting others.

I can see now that as the walls are coming down that I am free. Free to live and love, free to hope and dream, and free to give love and hope.

There is no doubt that I am still scared of being hurt, but I wont let the hurt consume me because of this love that fills me. This love gives me the time and space to deal with hurt. heal that which is broken. This love I have is found in Jesus. He has come to heal that which was broken. I am glad that I let Him in and have allowed Him to tear down the walls that I had built.

Will you allow Him to tear down your walls?

2 thoughts on “Hurt

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