Faith, Life, Wellness

Be Still


What happens when you are still?

One word that described my journey in 2015 was #BeStill. What does it really mean to be still? Dictionary says that still means:

a) remaining in a place or at rest; motionless; stationary

b) from from sound or noise,

c) free from turbulence or commotion

d) stillness or silence

e) to become still or quiet

Its when we are still that our lives can change dramatically. We allow ourselves to be used and ministered to by God. Do you hear his voice in your daily life? As you drive, as you are at work, can you hear him whisper to you? What is he saying? Are you listening? There is nothing like being in his presence all the time. His love will never leave, his presence is constant. So in this fast paced world that we live in, let’s take the time to stop and listen for in all of the chaos He is speaking. I am listening. I hope that you are too!



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