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Just Follow Me

He came upon some men fishing and he said “follow me” and they dropped what they were doing and followed him.
What is the one requirement to this walk that we are on? Just “follow me.” That’s all we are required to do. You are not asked to change yourself so that you can follow Him. All that is required is that you “follow me”. Can you drop what you are doing? Thinking? Saying? Contemplating? and just “follow Him?” He didn’t ask that you follow your friends, your family, your pastors, or your mentors but just Him. He alone leads, guides, and directs you into all that He has to offer. Seek him first and everything else will follow. When you follow Him he does the changing, he does the rearranging so that you are more like who He created you to be originally. Isn’t that amazing. You are not required to DO anything but just “follow Him.” Let’s take the example that was given to us and just “follow Him.”


Written January 22
Faith, Life

The Journey

Whatever journey you are on, you need to trust God to lead. You are incapable of making decisions that would have the desired outcome that God would have for you. He knows what is best for you and if you allow Him He will guide you in a direction that’s for you.
Who else do you know that loves you unconditionally? Who pursues you and wants to have a intimate relationship with you? Who wants his spirit to dwell in you? Who wants you close to Him. Who do you know that wants that for you?
You may struggle with a lot of things but God wants you to bring those things to Him. He will not judge. What He will do is take you, hold you, love you and care for you more. The more you allow God to pour into you is the closer that you will become to Him. Once you are bathing in Him your journey will get better.
Will you still have trouble? Of course but your response will be so much different. That’s when you know He is leading you.
Enjoy the journey that is before you.
Written January 31
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His Word

We need to soak in His Word, grab hold of it and never let it go. Read and meditate on His Word so that we gain understanding.  His Word must be understood so that it can be applied to our every day life.

His Word can give us peace in the midst of chaos. Joy in the face of pain. Love in the place of hate and give us rest for our weary soul.
His Word changes lives. Gives strength to the weak. Our Heavenly Father helps us so we can help others. There is strength in numbers. When two or three are gathered in His name you will find Him in the midst. His Word is life and gives life.

Be encouraged for His Word is with us always just like His presence.

Change is inevitable. It happens whether slow or fast. We need to embrace all that is happening in the hear and now. In the end it will all be worth it just continue to soak in His Word.



The Invitation

Last year I answered the invitation. Who knew the journey that it would take me on.
A group of 13 people, who I didn’t know. Who I now hold in high regard, whom I have come to trust. Although fearful; I could let them in without fear of judgement. Who have given me the room to grow beyond measure. They have given me tools and a desire to have a closer walk with the Lord. They have allowed me to see people in a different way and to see myself differently also. Their acceptance has made me brave. I can’t wait to share my story of how I was redeemed by Christ. I was brought from a place of darkness into his marvelous light. I saw Jesus in them, and now I see Him in me.

This is an open invitation. What will your response be?


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The Impact of Scripture

Scripture feeds the soul and brings wisdom. It refines, guides and connects us with others. Scripture equips us and sets us free. It is useful, powerful, portable and alive. Scripture is the written word, reveals Jesus and inspires action.

Will you engage in the scriptures?

Taken from a daily devotion.